Join RIch and Scott as they take a quick look at 3 new cameras.

  • Scott offers his insights o n the  Fujifilm X100S.
  • Rich then talks about first impressions of testing the Pentax WG-3 GPS rugged camera for shooting sports and underwater.
  • Last is a look at the Canon EOS Rebel SL1 — the world’s smallest DSLR.

The second half of the show will inspire you to develop your professional side. Rich sits down with Skip Cohen who shares practical advice for professionals and emerging pros. He talks about marketing strategies that work to drive photo business as well as lessons learned from several years spent on all sides of the industry.

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To our loyal listeners...  I apologize deeply for the delayed post.  I broke my own rule about backing up to 3 locations and had to wait for a lost bag to arrive.  Hope you enjoy this fun interview.  We'll be back with a bonus podcast from Adobe MAX in a short bit too.


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Rich takes a deep dive with photographer and photograph expert Ben Willmore.

Topics include:

  • Traveling nonstop to find photos
  • Why he literally lives out of his camera bag
  • His love of Americana
  • When he chooses to shoot HDR
  • His post workflow to finish images for professional printing

Hosted by Rich Harrington


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Rich takes a deep dive with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom product manager Sharad Mangalick.

Topics include:

Lightroom 5 beta resource list —

Connect with Adobe on social media:

Hosted by Rich Harrington

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Rich and Scott catch up post NAB and chat about new gear and fatal flaws of photographers.

Topics include:

  • A new micro four thirds camera for video and time-lapse from Blackmagic Design
  • Scott's review of the Nikon D7100
  • Do new Nikon's have a noise problem or a film look benefit?
  • The dangers of Pixel Peeping
  • Don't miss the Photoshop World Expo in Orlando this week (and say hi to Rich)
  • Check out the New HDR Learning Center

Hosted by Rich Harrington & Scott Bourne

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Rich and Scott record a special podcast live from Alaska.  They breakdown how they get ready for a professional shoot.

Topics include:

  • What gear to bring and what to leave
  • How to get gear on location
  • How to get the shot by setting objectives
  • Using multiple camera bodies
  • Scott's Eagle shot he's still trying to get
  • Pre-visualization strategies
  • What makes a great photo
  • How to photograph birds
  • What is the best depth of field for action?
  • Plus the announcement of our new HDR Learning Center
Hosted by Rich Harrington & Scott Bourne
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Rich and Scott record a special podcast live from Alaska.  They breakdown the gear they brought and share an in-depth look at camera support.

Topics include:

  • Lightweight support including the Joby Gorillapod
  • Ultraportable travel tripods
  • Using a slider
  • A High Hat for video shooting
  • Going with a solid set of legs
  • Why tripods are called sticks in the first place
  • Getting gear onto small airplanes
  • Practical advice for traveling with equipment
  • How to approach prepping for a shoot on the road
Hosted by Rich Harrington & Scott Bourne

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Rich and Scott sit down this week to discuss making great pictures.

Topics include:

  • Composition guidelines
  • Lens selection
  • Changing your shooting time
  • Shooting a series to tell a story
  • Depth and Backgrounds 
  • Cropping
  • Changing composition
  • Building relationships
  • Adobe software Trends
  • Importance of smart objects
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Joining Rich this week is World Photographer Deborah Sandidige (  She is well-known for her long exposure and infrared wotk.  

She shares:

  • practical techniques to achieve the best look
  • Advice for converting a camera for infrared shooting
  • Which filters to get for long-exposure work
  • Her love of timelapse
  • How to prepare for location photography
  • Advice on traveling the globe

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Rich and Scott catch up on a bunch of topics to help photographers of all levels.
  • Black and White workflow
  • Postproduction solutions for black and white
  • Essential grip gear
  • Skip Cohen University
  • Timelapse and Camera Moves
  • 3-2-1 Backup
  • Our new books and how to get them
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Rich and Scott catch up with Scott Kelby ( Scott is the number one photography author of the world, president of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, and just a funny guy who loves photography and Photoshop.  
Listen and learn...
  • Photoshop improvements
  • What features does Scott want in Photoshop
  • What's new at Photoshop World
  • Scott's favorite plugins
  • How to pass the Adobe Certified Expert exam (and why you want to)
  • Where does Scott Kelby love to shoot
  • What new toys or gear has Scott Kelby discovered

Plus Rich and Scott Bourne discuss

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