Rich Harrington has a very special guest on this week's show. We're joined by Bryan O'Neil Hughes from Adobe.  He's the Senior Product Manager for Adobe Photoshop and works on many of the projects that Adobe builds for photographers.  What many don't know is that Bryan has an extensive career in photography as well and that he's written a handful of books and authored courses to share his love of photography and photo restoration.

This week show answers a ton of questions about how Photoshop gets made.  You'll learn how Adobe creates dramatic advances that benefit photographers worldwide.

Rich and Bryan discuss:

  • How features in Photoshop are designed and built
  • What are the most useful ways to make a selection in Photoshop
  • The new mantra – save time and get better results
  • Why there are so many "magic" tools
  • How new users can better learn photoshop?
  • Breathing new life into old commands and making the application better
  • Why and when do features get cut
  • Tips for editing black and white photos with Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Working with bracketed photos and 32-bit images in Adobe Camera Raw
  • How many content aware tools are there?
  • Content aware tips and tricks
  • How do remove lens flares using content aware fills
  • What is the adaptation setting in the content aware commands
  • How do Creative Cloud updates affect subscribers
  • How Photoshop and Lightroom are complimentary
  • What are some of the best features that people seem to miss
  • How to selectively sharpen your photos
  • Using Camera Raw with TIFF and JPEG files
  • How to remove lens distortion from all photos (even those from a phone)
 Disclaimer: This show presents several ideas and techniques that we hope help you.  These are just some ways of approaching the issues at hand.  Combine with your own skill for best results.

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Hosted by Rich Harrington

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Rich Harrington has two special guests on this week's show.  First up is Ron Pepper of Panorama Network.  We explore all aspects of panorama shooting, stitching, and HDR.  If you want to shoot wider photos and capture great details, don't miss this interview. In fact the tips discussed will help many styles of photography.

Rich and Ron discuss:

  • The challenges of 360˚ panoramic photography
  • Why you should shooting panos in RAW
  • Using the in-camera tools to decide how to shoot a photo

  • Tips on finding proper exposure
  • Workflow tips for postproduction
  • How to remove c

    hromatic aberration

  • Which order should you stitch and merge  HDR panoramas
  • Methods when working with Photomatix Pro

In the second half of the show we catch up with Skip Cohen.  Skip talks about the upcoming Skip Cohen University conference.Learn from the best instructors in the business

  • Skip's summer school schedule
  • What an attendee can expect

Disclaimer: This show presents several ideas and techniques that we hope help you.  These are just some ways of approaching the issues at hand.  Combine with your own skill for best results.

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Join Rich and Scott as they talk about a bunch of summer oriented photo topics.  Get ready for shooting great pictures this summer with this potluck of photo wisdom.

Rich and Scott discuss:

  • Summer travel  and photography season
  • Favorite places to shoot
  • Travel Guide Resources
  • How much to pack for a road trip
  • Assigning a personal project for the day shooting
  • When to buy a new camera
  • The FUJI X100s
  • Mannypacks
  • Where to Buy New and Used Lenses
  • What to look for when buying a used lens
  • Do you need model and talent releases
  • Apps for model releases
  • Do you need Location releases
  • Shooting in National Parks
  • The benefit of looking like a tourist when shooting photos
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Join Rich and special guest Lightroom expert Gerard Murphy. Gerard has had a passion for photography since borrowing his Mom’s Pentax while on family vacations. Later, Gerard was lucky enough to travel the world on business trips where between conference rooms and hotels, he was able to snap thousands of pictures using his trusty Nikon. He is also one of the inventors of Mosaic which helps photographers organize and backup their Lightroom catalogs.  He shoots on a Nikon and uses Lightroom on both his Mac and PC.

Rich and Gerard discuss:

  • How is Lightroom 5 going to enhance a photographers workflow>
  • What makes Lightroom a big release?
  • What are Smart Previews?
  • The trend of multiple external hard drives and how Lightroom manages them?
  • Predictions for future Lightroom additions.
  • Other new features of Lightroom 5 that are awesome.
  • Choosing Lightroom over Adobe Photoshop or using both.
  • Control and ownership over your files.
  • Using metadata when importing and saving files.
  • Organizing and tagging photos with keywords and flags.
  • Evolution of photo storage workflows.
  • Back up storage with Lightroom integration.

Disclaimer: This show presents several techniques for managing photos and working with Lightroom. These are not the only methods that work, just a handful of approaches presented for your benefit.

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Join Rich and Scott as they discuss the impact of small format cameras.  Learn how micro four-thirds and mirrorless cameras have changed both their shooting styles.  Plus how have the GoPro and BlackMagic Cinema cameras worked their way into their cameras bags.

The second half of the show will inspire you as we hear from Bert Monroy.  He is considered one of the preeminent pioneers of digital art. He builds his hyper-realistic digital paintings as a traditional artist would, adding color and texture, except he uses Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator as his media. Bert co-authored the first book on Photoshop. His film credits include work for Industrial Light & Magic, Pacific Data Images, and R/GA. Bert has taught the Adobe Photoshop Creativity Seminar Tour, and he is a popular speaker at many conferences worldwide. He is a member of the Photoshop World Dream Team and was inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame in 2004.

Rich and Bert discuss:

  • Bert's history with Photoshop

  • His process of creating light paintings

  • His experiences as an art director

  • The technology changes that he's witnessed in the photo industry

  • How to evaluate a scene to achieve the best composition

  • Bert's advice to photographers and designers of all levels

  • What the layers panel means to his work

  • How Bert keeps his images organized

  • How printing technology has changed

  • The process of creating the world's largest digital image

  • How Bert finds inspiration

  • Where to find Bert's classes

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Hosted by Rich Harrington & Scott Bourne

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Join Rich and Scott as they discuss the recent decision by the Chicago Sun Times to lay off their entire photography staff.  The decision was made to train their reporting staff to shoot with iPhones and to focus more on video.  Rich and Scott analyze what this means to the photo community.

The second half of the show will inspire you as we hear from Dave Black.  Dave is a freelance photographer for over 30 years.  His   work has primarily centered on the sports industry for such publications as Sports Illustrated, Time, Newsweek and the award winning TV show Sports Century on ESPN. He's covered events like the Masters, Kentucky Derby, National Football League, NASCAR and extensive work regarding the United States Olympic Committee, Olympic athletes and coverage of twelve Olympic Games.

Rich and Dave discuss:

  • How Dave broke int sports photography

  • What is it like working in the field and at sporting events

  • How Dave prepares for a sports shoot by studying the sport and the athletes

  • Practical advice for shooting indoor and outdoor sporting events

  • How Dave got into the Olympics

  • Advice about Light Painting

  • Where to Find Dave — Check out his blog:

Hosted by Rich Harrington & Scott Bourne

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Join Rich and Scott as they discuss the "Reset Concept."  Learn how to deal with a shoot with everything seems to be going wrong.  Learn how to mentally reset as well as how to reset your gear so you can make a fresh start.

The second half of the show will inspire you as we hear from Katrin Eismann.  She is a well-respected author, educator, and photographer.  She is also the Chair of the Digital Photography Department at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Katrin is recognized as a positive role model for young women who are seeking insights and opportunities in the field of digital technology and fine art.

Rich and Katrine discuss

  • How philosophy and politics led Katrin into photography
  • Preserving your legacy and images
  • Katrin expresses her point of view and imagination in collages 
  • Ethics in photography in regards to compositing, journalists, & social media
  • How social media is affecting the future of photo journalists
  • Is there too much photography
  • Is there still a role for photo education in a whole of iPhone photography and social media
  • Advice about not getting lost in lens, gear and tech talk as a photographer
  • Katrin's favorite iPhone apps: Camera plus, Pure Shot, Slow Shutter, Bracket Mode, Snapseed
  • Why should someone consider enrolling in traditional education
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Join RIch and Scott as they take a quick look at 3 new cameras.

  • Scott offers his insights o n the  Fujifilm X100S.
  • Rich then talks about first impressions of testing the Pentax WG-3 GPS rugged camera for shooting sports and underwater.
  • Last is a look at the Canon EOS Rebel SL1 — the world’s smallest DSLR.

The second half of the show will inspire you to develop your professional side. Rich sits down with Skip Cohen who shares practical advice for professionals and emerging pros. He talks about marketing strategies that work to drive photo business as well as lessons learned from several years spent on all sides of the industry.

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To our loyal listeners...  I apologize deeply for the delayed post.  I broke my own rule about backing up to 3 locations and had to wait for a lost bag to arrive.  Hope you enjoy this fun interview.  We'll be back with a bonus podcast from Adobe MAX in a short bit too.


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Rich takes a deep dive with photographer and photograph expert Ben Willmore.

Topics include:

  • Traveling nonstop to find photos
  • Why he literally lives out of his camera bag
  • His love of Americana
  • When he chooses to shoot HDR
  • His post workflow to finish images for professional printing

Hosted by Rich Harrington


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Rich takes a deep dive with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom product manager Sharad Mangalick.

Topics include:

Lightroom 5 beta resource list —

Connect with Adobe on social media:

Hosted by Rich Harrington

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