Photofocus catches up with international fashion photogrpaher Frank Doorhof about his work and methods (which apply to all photographers).
  • Frank's path to becoming a professional photographer
  • How he morphed from hobbyist, to nature, to sports, to top fashion photographer in Europe
  • How to make money in photography
  • Why he pushes for longer sessions
  • How to work with new clients
  • The secret to better headshots
  • How glamour can be used with other styles of photography
  • Being a passionate photgrapher
  • Why he lets client's see tethered shots at first, then takes it away
  • How to make your subjects feel great
  • How to start with the Killer Shot
  • "If the pose hurts, you're almost there."
  • Why he sometimes deletes his photos

Scott also catches up with a new service provider called ShootProof.  Scott talks to founder Colin Breece about what makes their service unique and how photographers can benefit.

Sorry we're no longer providing show notes.

Hosted by Rich Harrington and Scott Bourne

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Photofocus catches up with photographer and podcaster Frederick Van Johnson.
  • Frederick's start as a combat photographer
  • How companies like Apple and Adobe are evolving to build new tools for photographers
  • Practical advice for getting more eyeballs for your photography
  • Why you need a Pinterest account
  • Why Google+ may be a photographer love-fest, but not good for business
  • Why you want customer testimonials
  • Optimize your images for the web and making them easier to find.
  • Favorite photo apps for smart phones
  • Favorite plugins for photo processing
  • The camera bag you'll want to get if you fly on planes

If you want to try Frederick's marketing course, he has a bunch of free samples posted. you can check it out here

If you like it, here's a discount code: PHOTOFOCUS to save $50

Hosted by Rich Harrington

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Photofocus catches up with photographer blogger Robert Vanellie (aka V).
  • Getting started and finding mentors
  • Getting ready for sports photography shoots so you don't miss the shot
  • Working with amateurs and nonprofessionals to get the best portrait
  • Getting to know your subject
  • How V embarrassed himself in front of the entire cast of NCIS
  • The Five-P method to successful photography
  • Finding the best locations by asking the right people
  • Why you need to Zero your camera and how to do it
  • Why V works in Lightroom 90% of the time, he still used Photoshop on almost every image
  • Printing advice
  • Details of a spectacular shoot done out of love
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Listen to Guy Kawasaki share practical advice for those looking to get into digital publishing.  Guy has had tremendous success as Apple former chief evangelist and as a best-selling author.  He now talks about how digital content creators need to balance the three stages of a successful project — writing or creating, publishing the digital product, and then marketing.  He shares important strategies on how to balance these stages and ensure the most return.  Don't miss Guy's keynote address at TAP!2013 (

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Host Rich Harrington and Scott Bourne take a look at practical advice for photographers.

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Host Rich Harrington and Scott Bourne take a look at practical advice for photographers.

First, Rich catches up with panoramic photography expert Michael Franz

  • What gear do you need for shooting panos
  • When can you benefit from special gear
  • How to compose a panoramic photo
  • Advice when printing
  • Why panos are gaining popularity

Then Scott and Rich interview Photoshop expert (and hall of fame member) Dave Cross

  • The role of Photoshop in modern photography
  • New tools to get the job done
  • Strategies to learn Photoshop
  • New training options
  • Becoming a certified expert
  • A walk down memory lane
  • Changes in printing technology
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Host Rich Harrington and Scott Bourne look at new opportunities and new gear for photographers.

  • Self Assignment to improve your photo skills
  • Why photographers should come to TAP 2013
  • Video in Photoshop
  • Rights of the Photographer
  • Carlos Miller photographer legal win

Hosted by Rich Harrington & Scott Bourne

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Host Rich Harrington and Scott Bourne look at new opportunities and new gear for photographers.

  • New cameras discussed – Canon Rebel T4i and Nikon D600
  • 24-70mm L-series lens from Canon
  • The ICE Light
  • Learn about creating apps and digital publications
  • How to meet Guy Kawasaki
  • Why you should attend TAP!2013 in Orlando
  • the latest on OnOne Softwares Photo Suite
  • the Hero3 Black Camera from GoPro (including time-lapse and 12 MP stills)
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Host Rich Harrington and Scott Bourne catchup tackle new gear from a photog's perspective.

  • Why would a photographer want the new iPad?
  • What makes a 13-inch MacBook Pro a good or bad deal?
  • The new iMac is a photographer dream machine.
  • New Ring Lites from Rosco
  • A useful streaming media server for portfolio review and personal media from G-Tech

Hosted by Rich Harrington & Scott Bourne

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Host Rich Harrington and Scott Bourne catchup, then are joined by special guest RC Concepcion.

  • Flash, do you need more than one?
  • Other useful lighting gear.
  • D600 First Thoughts
  • Book review — "Shooter: Combat from Behind the Camera" by Stacy Pearsall
  • iPhone 5 Panoramic Photos and camera issues

Then we head back to Photoshop World to catch up with photographer and educator RC Concepcion.

  • HDR rising again
  • DSLR video gets easier
  • Putting photography on the web
  • Look's that are now hot
  • Creating a Home for Your Photography
  • Getting Inspired 

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