Host Rich Harrington and co-host Scott Bourne talk about:

  • The new Nikon D600
  • Perfectly Clear Imaging Technology
  • Mosaic View and Archive for Lightroom 
  • Plus Rich sits down for one-on-one interview with Joe McNally
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Host Rich Harrington and co-host Scott Bourne talk about:

  • Shooting together in the desert
  • Using LED lighting
  • The new Ice Light
  • Lightpainting
  • Shooting a Car and a model
  • Plus Scott sits down for one-on-one interview with Eddie Tapp
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Host Rich Harrington and co-host Scott Bourne talk about Photoshop World Las Vegas.

  • SmugMug Meetup in Vegas 9/5
  • Secrets of the Show Floor
  • Time-lapse shooting tips
  • Practical Advice for Shooting
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Host Rich Harrington and co-host Scott Bourne tackle a variety of photgraphy topics.

  • Photoshop World Vegas Free Passes
  • SmugMug Meetup in Vegas 9/5
  • New Compact Cameras
  • Shooting WiFi
  • Digital Books and ePublishing
  • iOS Shutter Release Review
  • LensSkirt Review
  • HDR and Black and White Photography
  • Lens Round Up
  • Practical Advice for Shooting
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Host Rich Harrington and co-host Scott Bourne tackle a variety of photgraphy topics.

  • Report from Skip's Summer School
  • Looking forward to Photoshop World
  • Lighting essentials
  • The new Icelight
  • Portrait lighting
  • Soft box positioning
  • Shooting manual
  • Proper expsoure (under or over)
  • Choosing the right shutter speed
  • Getting access for the best view
  • iPad adn Droid apps for Photographers
  • The secret of locked gates and doors
  • Thunderbolt vs. USB3

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Host Rich Harrington and co-host Scott Bourne tackle a variety of photgraphy topics.

  • Packing lightly
  • Gear we can't live without
  • Stupid things camera makers do
  • Raw tricks and raw time-lapse
  • Mountain Lion review
  • Nike HDR Efex2
  • Digital Film Tools Film Stocks
  • Joining an online photo community
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Host Rich Harrington and co-host Scott Bourne tackle a variety of photgraphy topics.

  • Approaching Black and White photography
  • Choosing filters for better photos
  • Postproduction advice
  • Location scouting advice
  • How to not get hassled when shooting photos
  • Keeping an organized photo library
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 Host Rich Harrington and co-host Scott Bourne interview Tamara Lackey about her photography and business philosophies.

  • Portrait photography techniques
  • Creating a connection with your subject
  • Common mistakes new pros make
  • How to handle photography sales
  • Effective social media techniques for marketing and sales
  • Canon 1DX Review
  • Where to meetup with Rich and Scott for training

Our Guest

Tamara Lackey is a renowned professional photographer,  author, speaker and web series host. Her authentic lifestyle photography, from children’s portraits to celebrity portraits, is praised within her industry and published internationally. Tamara’s work has been featured in dozens of media outlets including Vogue, O – The Oprah Magazine, Town & Country, Parenting Magazine, Food & Wine, Men’s Journal, Professional Photographer Magazine, Rangefinder Magazine, NBC’s The Martha Stewart Show, ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, CNN’s Anderson, PBS’ Need to Know and NBC’s The Today Show.

 Tamara’s new web series, the reDefine Show, examines the inspiring stories of top-tier creative artists who make it work.  Tamara’s interview style showcases her abiding interest in real conversations that share practical tips, innovative methods, and previews of the newest and most useful technologies on the market.

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Host Rich Harrington and co-host Scott Bourne interview Jeff Revell about his photography and photo education.

Jeff's books

Jeff Revell has been shooting professionally for more than 25 years, and has a wide range of expertise in everything from landscape photography to travel and urban photography. As an early adopter of digital technology, he has been on the leading edge of digital imaging technology, education and instruction.

Perhaps best known as the photographer behind the popular "PhotoWalk Pro" blog, each weekday Jeff shares step-by-step tutorials on digital photography technique and editing of digital images. The worldwide appeal of Jeff's site, along with his live PhotoWalks have made him one of the most sought-after and trusted sources for digital photography training and education.

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Host Rich Harrington interviews Eddie Tapp about his photography and digital imaging career:

  • Why Eddie switched to digital in 1993
  • What excites him in 2012 about digital photography
  • How he mixes styles and looks for inspiration
  • The role of post-processing
  • Favorite photogs digital artists
  • Advice for people starting out
  • Advice on going pro
  • Eddie's favorite places to shoot

A gifted photographer and artist, Eddie Tapp has become a tireless educator for professional photographers and a prominent figure in the world of digital imaging. His digital imaging seminars have been hosted around the world, and he’s a regular consultant to businesses large and small. Today, he’s recognized as one of the top experts on digital photography and Photoshop in the world. With a reputation as an authority on workflow, color management, calibration and Photoshop, he is associated with Adobe Systems along with some of the world’s most prominent photographic manufacturers and distributors.

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