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Photofocus Podcast

Jul 27, 2018

In this episode:

Photographer, Educator, and Author Rick Sammon shares how to plan a photo trip.


  • How his Route 66 book is used as a planner and an onsite reference resource.
  • What apps are great to help plan for sun location, tides and viewing location.
  • How to use Pristine vision as an exercise to get the...

Jul 26, 2018

In this episode:

Photoshop tutor and retoucher Andrew Kavanagh talks about the benefits of joining a Facebook group. Andrew runs one of the most successful Facebook Groups “Photoshop and photography” with over 300K members.


  • What motivated Andrew to create the group
  • How members learn from top professionals
  • A...

Jul 18, 2018

Welcome to Beyond Technique, a podcast empowering photographers to bring their businesses to the next level!


Images copyright Jay Watson

All images copyright Jay Watson Photography


We discuss in detail:

  • how Jay got started in photography
  • the art of staying focused
  • finding the right match in clients
  • building relationships and keeping in touch...

Jul 13, 2018

In this episode, Skip Cohen and Chamira Young chat with Rudy Guttosch from Illuminati Instrument Corp.


We discuss in detail:

  • how the process of creating an image is a mix of both art and science
  • the process of launching a physical product
  • the concept of released a minimum viable product
  • the power of utilizing your...

Jul 6, 2018

In this episode:

Specializing in volume sports portraiture, portrait photographer Weston Maggio shares how he produces Volume Photography and still gets Studio Portraits results.


  • What is Volume Sports Photography.
  • How long to spend with a subject.
  • What gear is needed.
  • What to expect during a shoot with 50 Plus...