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Photofocus Podcast

Mar 20, 2019

Welcome to Beyond Technique, a podcast empowering photographers to bring their businesses to the next level!

In today's episode we chat with photojournalist Jakob Dall!

All images copyright Jakob Dall Photography

Today we chat about:

  • How Jakob gained traction as a photojournalist
  • Why photography is considered a universal language
  • The role of storytelling in his body of work
  • The difference between being a freelance photographer and being an employee
  • The role of relationship building in his business
  • Some of the toughest assignments he's done
  • The reason he wants to bring attention to non-mainstream events
  • His latest climate change documentary
  • The role of PhotoShelter in his business
  • How he stays sane while covering troubling events
  • Advice to new photographers who want to break into photojournalism

You can find Jakob at:

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