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Welcome to Beyond Technique, the podcast that empowers photographers to bring their businesses to the next level.

Today, we chat with Don Prentice, co-founder of! We discuss how relationship building relates to every photographer's business, and the ways communication is changing.

Other topics include:

  • Don's history and experience in the industry
  •  Why texting is so important for photographers as they communicate with their clients
  •  Interesting stats that offer insights into how people communicate
  • How photographers can easily begin using a toll-free number in their business
  • How PhotoTexting's Senior Rep Program can help photographers get more senior high school clients
  • The design and ease of setting up Phototexting, as well as their concierge service.
  • The many ways Phototexting's tools can help photographers easily and automatically keep in touch with their clients
  • Advice for photographers just starting out

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