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Photofocus Podcast

Dec 30, 2021

Welcome to Mind Your Own Business, the podcast that helps photographers improve their business and their lives! Today, we chat with portrait photographer Kay Eskridge. Kay discusses how she's been serving her clients during the pandemic, as well as how she's taking care of herself and her family.

We discuss:

  • How Kay got started in the photography industry
  • This is a teaser for the in-person program in January at Imaging USA
  • Finding balance with her business and her family
  • Opportunities to serve her clients during the pandemic
  • How she's keeping her sanity during the pandemic
  • Why taking care of mental health is so important for all of us
  • Low hanging fruit for your business
  • How she stays at the forefront of people's minds
  • How her pet portraits are an untapped market during the pandemic
  • Kay's advice for photographers just starting out

Kay can also be found at


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