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Welcome to the Mind Your Own Business Podcast! Today we chat with family portrait photographer Michele Celentano!


Images copyright Michele Celentano.

We discuss:

  • How Michele got started with her career
  • The importance of education in every photographer's career
  • The role empathy plays when interacting with client
  • The role psychology plays during a portrait session
  • The best types of workshops photographers can take to strengthen their skillset
  • Why every photographer needs a "backup skillset" to better serve unexpected requests from their clients
  • Why it's important to always be curious and willing to explore outside of your genre
  • The areas many photographers struggle with
  • How we can improve the photography industry as a whole
  • Advice for photographers who want to break into portrait photography 

Check out Michele's Family Posing program at

You can find Michele at:

  • Michele's portfolio website
  • Instagram: @michelecelentanophotographer
  • Facebook Group: Family Posing with Michele Celentano

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