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Photofocus Podcast

Dec 14, 2016

Scott and Marco discuss these topics on this #Inspiration episode of the Photofocus podcast:
  • Get to know an inspirational photographer: This month Scott introduces you to Neil Leifer (born 1942). Neil is an American photographer and filmmaker mainly known for his work for Sports Illustrated and Time magazine. Neil has captured some of the most iconic sports photos of our time. Most of you will know his famous photo of Muhammad Ali after he poses over the knocked out Sonny Liston in 1965. Neil Leifer has 170 of his pictures published on the cover of Sports Illustrated and 40 cover photos for Life magazine. Check out his amazing work on his website at
  • Scott and Marco discuss the recently published list of the 100 most influential images of all time curated by TIME magazine. What make these photos so influential and how did the photographers overcome the technical limitations of cameras at that time? Check out these 100 amazing photos here:
  • Do you always need the latest and greatest camera gear in order to take amazing photos and what can you if you can't or don't want to invest too much money into your photo equipment?
  • Learning the fundamental techniques of photography (like in the analog and manual focus film days) may enable you to make older cameras much longer while still taking amazing photos.Just look at the old iconic work of master photographers.
  • There are fairly inexpensive software solutions out there that can yield pro results in post processing. We discuss a few alternatives.
  • Marco's photo book of the month pick is: Road to Seeing by Dan Winters ( ). In this book, Dan shares his personal road to seeing, how he started with photography and his philosophy. This is a highly inspirational book with many photos and illustrations to go along with the writing. Here are 3 quotes from the book that give you an idea of the content:
  1. "I make it a habit to approach every picture as though it were my last."
  2. "The “Why” precedes the “How.” This, I believe, should be the goal of all art."
  3. "The soul of the image is ultimately the only relevant issue when viewing a photograph."

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About this show:

On the monthly #Inspiration episode of the Photofocus podcast, Scott and Marco will discuss the art, history and motivation in photography that often gets lost in today's media rich world. Slow down, look closer and put more intent into photography to increase your creativity and final results. And simply spread the pure love of photography.