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Photofocus Podcast

May 14, 2016

On this #Inspiration episode of the Photofocus podcast Marco invited two guests and discussed these topics:
  • Get to know an inspirational photographer: This month our guest Monika Andrae introduces you to the award winning fine art and commercial photographer Susan Burnstine. Susan is represented in galleries across the world and has also written for several photography magazines, including a monthly column for Black & White Photography (UK). Take the time to look at her very creative work that she mainly creates with self made cameras on analog film.
  • Why is analog photography all of a sudden a thing again and can shooting film help with your creativity and make you a better photographer?
  • We discuss the different analog cameras that are available today (new & used) like instant film (formerly known as Polaroid), 35mm, medium format and large format and what makes each of them unique.
  • Choosing the right analog film for your mood or vision. B&W, color negative or slide film.
  • Developing options (self develop or sending it to a lab) and briefly look at the scanning options for a hybrid analog/digital workflow.
  • We bust the myth that shooting film is so extremely expensive and digital photography seems to be for free.
  • We also discuss that shooting a roll of film only once a month can be beneficial to you and actual work created, even if you think that you have no time for analog photography and shooting digital is so much faster to create work.
  • Marco's photobook of the month pick is: The Film Photography Handbook - by Chris Marquardt and Monika Andrae. Anyone who wants to expand their knowledge on analog photography and is seeking advice on how to get started shooting film - either for the first time or after a longer break- will find all the essential information in a modern, structured and creative way.


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About this show:

On the monthly #Inspiration episode of the Photofocus podcast Scott and Marco will discuss the art, history and motivation in photography that often gets lost in today's media rich world. Slow down, look closer and put more intent into photography to increase your creativity and final results. And simply spread the pure love of photography.