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Photofocus Podcast

May 20, 2016

This weeks episode Pamela sits down with Chris Smith of Out Of Chicago and they discuss how fun, inspiring and creative the conference with a new announcement of a new conference. Then Chamira has another interview from the floor of WPPI from earlier this year. 


Pamela Berry/Chris Smith


Who is Chris?

What is Out of Chicago?

How did Out of Chicago come about?

Author of Photographers guide to Chicago

Who is coming to Out of Chicago?

The out of Chicago App and information it provides

Announcement of new conference 

What are the classes like?

Going means to be inspired

How can you find out about the conferences?



Chamira Young/ Sprouts Studio


What is Sprouts Studio?

Tips on managing the ratio of business verses behind the camera

Tips on making the transition from hobbyest to Pro

What’s the most important thing to focus on?

What kills your business?

What it’s like to have a system?

More in depth detail on the software of Sprout Studios