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Photofocus Podcast

May 28, 2016

On this episode of the Photofocus #Mirrorless Show Scott and Marco will discuss these new products and mirrorless topics:

  • Sony is one of the biggest image sensor manufacturers for the photographic industry. They announced that their sensor plant in the Kumamoto region in Japan will resume production after an earthquake shut it down on April 14th of this year. This is good news as a longer shut down could have delayed the release of new camera models and lead to shortages of current models, too.
  • Canon announced the EF-M 28mm f3.5 macro IS STM with two controllable built in LED macro lights for it’s mirrorless M cameras. It offers a true 1:1 reproduction plus a 1.2x super macro mode and will retail for only $299 USD.
  • Fujifilm announced the Fujinon 2x Teleconverter XF2X TC WR that will work with the XF 50-140mm f2.8 and XF 100-400mm f4.5-5.6 lenses and that will allow for a maximum equivalent field of view of up to 1,219mm in full frame comparison. The TC will slow the lens aperture down by 2 stops (f5.6 for the XF 50-140mm and f9-11 for the XF 100-400mm) and it will also disable the phase detection autofocus on the longer of the two zoom lenses.
  • Scott shares his ordeal with a broken camera and the Fuji US repair service and raises the question if the lack of Canon or Nikon style pro service offers may be the biggest caveat for pros who would want to switch to mirrorless cameras? Please share your service experiences from mirrorless camera manufacturers with us. And let us know if anyone of them offers a pro service similar to Canon's CPS or Nikon's NPS?
  • Scott is looking for a new interchangable camera from a different brand to switch to. Please share your serious suggestions and tell us why this could be a good mirrorless camera for Scott?
  • Scott and Marco answer a listener question regarding focus peaking settings for more accurate results with less spill outside of the critical focus area.
  • We now have a Photofocus Mirrorless Flickr group that is open for our listeners and photos taken with all mirrorless camera brands. If you want to join just let us know through the "request invitation" button on the group and drop us a quick line there. We'll add you to the group then. And please ask for the invite via web browser and not via the Flickr App. The invite process via the app has not been working reliably.


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For more information on Scott Bourne follow him on Twitter: @ScottBourne

For more information on Marco Larousse follow him on Twitter: @HamburgCam

About this show:

On the monthly #Mirrorless episode of the Photofocus podcast Scott and Marco will discuss the news from the mirrorless camera world related to innovations, trends, gear and accessories. And they will introduce mirrorless camera manufacturers by interviewing the respective managers of those manufacturers. And they invite pro photographers who make their living working with mirrorless cameras to share some tips and tricks on their workflow.