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Photofocus Podcast

Dec 21, 2016

The PhotoFocus InFocus Interview Show FOR DEC 21ST, 2016. I’m your Host Rod Harlan.

This month we have a special show honoring the life and wisdom of Master Commercial Advertising and Fine Art Photographer and Abundant Educator Jim DiVitale. Jim sadly passed away December 13th after a brave battle with cancer and the entire industry, including his many many friends, will miss him dearly. In today’s show we’ll be listening to 2 Jim DiVitale interviews, each of them just stuffed full of golden nuggets of information, that if we listen to Jim, will make us all better at both our craft and our business.

But first I want to thank our 4 sponsors that make it possible for us to bring you these 2 interviews without commercial interruptions. It’s really great that their are companies like:
HDRsoft - makers of Photomatix
Athentech – makers of Perfectly clear
Drobo - with their storage devices protecting our livelihood
and B&H - who bring quality gear at such great prices

…that there are companies like these that understand the importance of shows like this. So thank you to them.

And with that, I want to start our show with photographer Kevin Ames interviewing Jim just this past June 2016 for a show called Photography is Life. In the interview you will get a taste of all that Jim has accomplished in his life, along with how he got started in the industry, the early days in the film advertising industry, his move to digital as one of the early pioneers, doing things right the first time (which was his personal mantra) and keeping long term clients satisfied for decades upon. Let’s listen as Jim shares in his own words about his fascinating life.


This next interview comes from a long talk I had with Jim at PhotoshopWorld in Sept of 2012. I first met Jimmy D, as I used to call him, thru Scott Kelby back at PhotoshopWorld in 1999. What I loved about Jimmy was that that no matter how much he knew or how smart he was, he was always after more knowledge. His thirst for knowledge about a subject he was curious about had no bounds. From the first day I met him until the last time we spoke he was always asking me about video production or video editing, or motion graphics, or video codecs or new software advances… and when he wasn’t asking he was SHARING such great knowledge about his craft, giving insight and great tips & techniques to anyone who asked.

As a freelancer and small business owner, I always jumped at the chance to pick Jimmy’s brain about how I could improve my business. He was always quick to share the latest techniques as well as tried and true business principles that had worked for him for decades. In the interview you are about to hear, Jim DiVitale shares marketing tips and tricks he used to pay the bills, set himself apart from other photographers, and continue making his business a success. You’ll learn from this interview not just how clever Jim was, but also how much hussle he had in his day to day work life. Like all great businessmen, Jim worked at it day in and day out, but he did it all with poise and grace that set him apart from the norm. Here’s Jim in his own words…


Well that’s the end of our special InFocus Interview show for Dec 21st 2016, spending time with our dear friend Jim DiVitale. While he will be missed he will not be forgotten. To see any of Jim work or to read, watch or listen to any of his training, all you need to do is just Google his name. He did a great job of making sure his SEO was always on point.

Each week we have new and dynamic podcasts for you here at Photofocus, so make sure you tune in every week. I’d love to know what you thought of the show and you can always give me Feedback @RodHarlan on Twitter or in the comments section on the Photofocus podcast post page for this episode.

Until next time, this is Rod Harlan encouraging you to get out there and Be Creative!