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Photofocus Podcast

Mar 5, 2015

This week's podcast interviews photographer Theresa Sicurezza about her photography and work with ASMP.  Then we catch up with Dave Moser about the upcoming Photoshop World conference. Tune in and get inspired.

Theresa Sicurezza

Theresa Sicurezza is an Atlanta based photographer.  She frequently shoots architecture and she's also an executive member in ASMP, the American Society of Media Photographers.

Levi Sim and Teresa Segurezza discuss:

  • Who is Teresa Segurezza?
  • What kind of photography does she do?
  • What does Architecture photography consist of?
  • What post processing does she use?
  • What other photography is she getting into?
  • What is Teresa’s relationship with ASMP and why?
  • Goals as President of ASMP Atlantic region
  • What’s it’s like to be apart of ASMP and how will it help you to grow as a photographer
  • What can you utilize of ASMP without even being a member?
  • Where can you find ASMP?


Dave Moser & Photoshop World

Dave Moser is the Executive Vice President of Kelby One. While they may sound a little stiff, Dave is fully plugged in to the world of creative professionals.  He started as one of the original publishers in the Mac community with MacCentral. Dave is also involved in putting together great events like Photoshop World. 

  • Who is Dave Moser?
  • What sets apart Photoshop World?
  • How some instructors started out as attendees and now what they did and who they met at PSW changed their lives and careers.
  • Why is Photoshop World worth it to attend in person?
  • Your self confidence makes all the difference
  • How good are you as a photographer? 
  • It’s a long walk till you KNOW what THAT shot is.

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