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Thanks for all the great questions you've been sending in to the Photofocus podcast. This week is a two part show. First up, Rich Harrington catches up with photographer and educator Abba Shapiro to tackle some great topics to help photographers.

Then Levi Sim catch up with Ray Roman & Matt Thompson to talk about shooting weddings and making the transition from photo to video. Remember, you can post questions for future shows via Twitter with the #pfqa or send us a note at Photofocus.

The music in our podcast comes from the cool folks over at SongFreedom, be sure to check them out!

Rich Harrington & Abba Shapiro

Welcome to the Show
Enter our New Camera Contest
Thanks to Drobo
What is Abba’s background?
What does he love to shoot?
Suggestions on using underwater gear
Advice for working with models.
Strategies for networking and finding models.
Check out new photo classes on
Abba's Favorite Plug-ins
Are you cheating if you use plug-ins?
Enhance your images with onOne Perfect Photo Suite
Cool results with the Perfectly Clear Plug-In
Learn About HDR with Photomatix
Fixing Portraits with Portrait Professional
Advice for using plug-ins
What are the drawbacks and benefits of using auto modes such as auto ISO?
Add the perfect soundtrack with SongFreedom
Can you recover photos from a card that was deleted?
Advice for protecting cards
Should I Have a Digital or Print Portfolio?

Levi Sim with Ray Roman & Matt Thompson 
Who is Matt Thompson?
Who is Ray Roman and what does he do?
What is Ray’s background?
How did Ray get started in wedding videos?
How another photographer saved his business?
Ray discusses his motivation to be the best.
How Ray juggled career and doing weddings?
Being driven and challenging yourself
How is Ray increasing his skills?
Learn to Analyze everything you see
Learn to have a strong foundation
Photographers are half way to shooting video
What gear Ray uses and why?
What sets Ray apart?
Branding talk and how it can elevate your business.
What does Ray teaches at his workshops?
Networking and getting to know others in your industry.
Where can we find out more about Ray’s workshops?
Where can we catch up with Matt?


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