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This week's podcast will work both sides of your brain.  Take a deep dive into the new Lightroom update with Adobe product manager Sharad Mangalick.  Then we'll catch up with photo educator Steve Saporito for some tips on understanding clients and connecting with your subject.

What's New in Lightroom

Rich Harrington catches up with Sharad Mangalick, product manager for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Camera Raw. Find out about the new Lightroom and some hidden features.

  • What’s different about this Lightroom release?
  • How you can get Lightroom
  • The future of getting Lightroom
  • What is HDR in the new Lightroom and what sets it apart?
  • Why are Panoramics in Lightroom?
  • Speeding things up with GPU acceleration
  • Exporting files faster
  • What other features should you be excited about?

Steve Saporito

Levi Sim catches up with Steve Saporito. They discuss his vision of the possibilities in business for photographers.  By providing photographers and business owners, with unique solutions and techniques to enable them to be successful and profitable, he is making their lives simpler, allowing them to get back to what they love most.

  • Who is Steve?
  • What he does in photography?
  • The business aspect in photography
  • What should photographers focus on with a client?
  • What does Steve like to teach photographers?
  • Alerting people to what awe need to celebrate
  • Focus on the client not your own insecurities or ego
  • Emotions, unity and focus on our clients
  • Un-muffling the relationships
  • There’s a hidden treasure and become the archeologist of emotions
  • You are creating an experience
  • Tell clients you are creating artwork not images
  • The undercurrent of what we believe comes out in our language.
  • Allow people to rediscover themselves
  • Where to find Steve?

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