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In this episode, Skip Cohen and Chamira Young dive deep into a discussion about customer service with expert Shep Hyken.

We discuss in detail:

  • how to stand out with our photography clients
  • making every moment count
  • building loyalty
  • the combination of customer service + a great product
  • the expectations of the customer
  • cultivating customers for life
  • the process of operating beyond our own personal assumptions as photographers
  • identifying every single touch point with our clients
  • "Moments of truth"
  • the "F-bomb" of customer service
  • mediocrity as an enemy
  • creating moments of magic
  • tips for actually being effective on social media
  • responding to personal complaints on social media

You can find Shep at:

  • - His free newsletter to get tips on customer service
  • - His YouTube Channel with 500+ videos

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