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Photofocus Podcast

Jan 15, 2020

Welcome to Beyond Technique, the podcast that empowers photographers to bring their businesses to the next level.

Today, Skip Cohen and Chamira Young discuss 29 ways to start your year off right! From marketing to networking to reviewing your price list, we talk about ways to make 2020 better than ever!

Beyond Technique

The 29 tips we discuss:

  • Develop a routine to start each day
  • Review your policies and get them off your website
  • Review your price list
  • Feed your brain, don't go stagnant, new things are developing all time – read something inspirational
  • Check your website and blog from different platforms – just because it looks good on Chrome doesn’t mean it’s working in Safari
  • Keep a journal: this can vary per person, separate from my to-do list
  • Review your database of customers
  • Keep in touch with key clients
  • Schedule one promotion a quarter – they don’t have to be big – even something as simple as an email/direct mail blast is a promo
  • Call your lab and ask, “What’s new?”
  • Meet with your accountant early
  • What gear do you need?
  • Rent before you buy
  • Start a networking luncheon - relationship building
  • Review your galleries and clean them up
  • Build stash of blog posts – if you’re not posting at least twice a week, stop blogging
  • What conventions/conferences are you attending in 2020 – hotel reservations, airfare
  • Never eat alone at a convention – breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Hit YouTube and follow your favorite icons
  •  Take classes outside your comfort zone, it’s the only way to grow
  • Second shoot for another photographer – for free!
  • Check to make sure your insurance is up to date
  • Partner with other companies
  • Host and open house (check it out here)
  • Get your work on display in a local restaurant, dr’s office etc.
  • Get enough sleep, exercise
  • Pay attention to burnout
  • Ask for help when you need it - editing questions - reach out to other photogs in your area, and online
  • Hug your spouse…keep your family plugged into what’s going on with your business


Be sure to let us know if you have any thoughts or questions in the comments section. We do our best to answer all questions in a timely manner.


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