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Photofocus Podcast

Dec 25, 2015

This week we catch up with a photographer and a Lightroom expert.  First Pamela Berry talks with photographer and music video producer Chris Horseman.  Then Robert Vanelli talks with Bryan O'Neil Highes from Adobe about his photography, Lightroom, and Lightroom Mobile.

Chris Hershman

Chris Hershman is a Chicago-based filmmaker, photographer and musician. At a young age he began photographing bands throughout the Midwest, with his work evolving into video capture. Chris draws inspiration from live music, natural lighting and the raw talent around him. He has filmed for the Chicago Music Exchange, and captured bands such as the Alabama Shakes, Brian Blade, Tall Walker, and many other artists. His work has been featured on and at the 2012 Grammy Awards ceremony. Chris is an Urban cowboy with a love of denim and vintage motorcycles who captures life the way he sees it.

Pamela Berry & Chris Horseman discuss:

  • Who is Chris Hershman?
  • Tip on how to film a music video from a musician view
  • Advice: biggest thing is movement- how to compose a couple seconds of movements
  • Gear talk
  • Overcoming the intimidation of doing video as a photographer
  • How he got started in cameras
  • What set his videos apart?
  • Travel tips
  • Where to find Chris?

Bryan O’Neil Hughes

Bryan O’Neil Hughes is the Senior Product Manager for Adobe Photoshop software and a pinch hitter for the Photoshop Lightroom software team. Since 1999 he has helped to test, drive, demonstrate, and lead development of Adobe’s professional digital imaging applications. Bryan is the Photoshop team’s primary worldwide spokesman and can often be found leading seminars, user groups, and workshops.

Before joining Adobe, he was a professional photographer and retoucher. Beyond Adobe, Hughes is a published photographer, editor, and author. He is also a driving instructor for the BMW Car Club of America. When he isn’t driving very quickly, he enjoys running marathons very slowly. Bryan was inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame in 2011.

Vanelli and Bryan Talk About:

  • What does he do at Adobe?
  • How he started as a photographer?
  • How and when he started at Adobe?
  • Favorite features of Lightroom?
  • Tips on using Lightroom Mobile
  • One lightroom catalog or many?
  • How does file size work on your mobile device?
  • Where do you see Lightroom mobile heading?
  • Where can we find more about Bryan?