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Photofocus Podcast

Nov 6, 2014

This week's podcast interviews photographers Frank Doorhof about his portrait work. Then, we catch up with Joel Grimes for an inspiring talk for all photographers.

Frank Doorhof

The Amsterdam-born Frank Doorhof is a noted international fashion and glamour photographer, as well as an expert on calibration. He is an active commercial photographer, with a particular interest in musical artists and high fashion, who also takes time for personal projects. His teaching style is based on his philosophy: “Why fake it, when you can create it?”

Photofocus catches up with international fashion photographer Frank Doorhof about his work and methods (which apply to all photographers).Vanelli and Frank discuss:

  • Where is Frank from?
  • What kind of photographer is Frank?
  • What got Frank into photographing models?
  • Having a husband and wife team
  • “It’s more then a scarf”
  • His love for teaching
  • Workshop talk, why is Frank’s workshops unique?
  • Light is the language, literally.
  • Being you as a photographer

Joel Grimes

Next up, Melissa Niu sets down with Joel Grimes. Joel is a commercial advertising photographer with a distinct style. His unique approach has earned him work from top advertising agencies and art buyers.

Melissa and Joel discuss:

  • The creative outlet
  • How long has Joel been with photography
  • How to think past certain barriers
  • The Human condition
  • Getting past hurt
  • Learning past rejection
  • Going down the path that fits you the best
  • Why being a photographer is so cool
  • Why technical proficient photos can be boring
  • Where to find Joel?