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Photofocus Podcast

Oct 11, 2019

Welcome to Mind Your Own Business, the podcast that helps photographers improve their business and their lives.

Today, we chat with award-winning photographer Rick Sammon. He is one of the most active photographers on the planet – dividing his time between creating images, leading photo workshops, and making personal appearances. Join us as we discuss practical tips any photographer can use!


Topics include:

  • How Rick got started as a photographer
  • The value of photography
  • How imagery and writing go hand in hand
  • The discipline involved in writing a book
  • The value of exploring different niches in photography, and how that can help your work
  • Advice for photographers just starting out

Rick can be found at:

Be sure to let us know if you have any thoughts or questions in the comments section. We do our best to answer all questions in a timely manner.

Check out Rick's new book: Photo Therapy Motivation and Wisdom

Rick Sammon

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