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Photofocus Podcast

Jan 5, 2013

Photofocus catches up with international fashion photogrpaher Frank Doorhof about his work and methods (which apply to all photographers).
  • Frank's path to becoming a professional photographer
  • How he morphed from hobbyist, to nature, to sports, to top fashion photographer in Europe
  • How to make money in photography
  • Why he pushes for longer sessions
  • How to work with new clients
  • The secret to better headshots
  • How glamour can be used with other styles of photography
  • Being a passionate photgrapher
  • Why he lets client's see tethered shots at first, then takes it away
  • How to make your subjects feel great
  • How to start with the Killer Shot
  • "If the pose hurts, you're almost there."
  • Why he sometimes deletes his photos

Scott also catches up with a new service provider called ShootProof.  Scott talks to founder Colin Breece about what makes their service unique and how photographers can benefit.

Sorry we're no longer providing show notes.

Hosted by Rich Harrington and Scott Bourne