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Photofocus Podcast

Dec 25, 2012

Photofocus catches up with photographer and podcaster Frederick Van Johnson.
  • Frederick's start as a combat photographer
  • How companies like Apple and Adobe are evolving to build new tools for photographers
  • Practical advice for getting more eyeballs for your photography
  • Why you need a Pinterest account
  • Why Google+ may be a photographer love-fest, but not good for business
  • Why you want customer testimonials
  • Optimize your images for the web and making them easier to find.
  • Favorite photo apps for smart phones
  • Favorite plugins for photo processing
  • The camera bag you'll want to get if you fly on planes

Download the episode here...

If you want to try Frederick's marketing course, he has a bunch of free samples posted. you can check it out here

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Hosted by Rich Harrington