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Photofocus Podcast

Mar 1, 2017

We have a new co-host on the show

Scott Bourne has headed off to do some new projects and is stepping away from the Mind Your Own Business podcast, but stay tuned, because we might just talk him into coming back as a guest! In the meantime, Chamira Young, an active marketing driven photographer from the midwest and who's been behind the scenes helping Scott and Skip produce each podcast is stepping into the co-host seat.

Skip's Cohen: "I love the idea of Chamira's perspective on so many different aspects of being a professional photographer and business owner. She knows her stuff and I'm excited about what I feel the two of us can bring to the party!"

Stay tuned as the Mind Your Own Business Podcast expands into some new areas together with a stellar guest list on each new episode.


This episode's topic: Making your business stand out. Skip Cohen and Chamira Young discuss how photographers can make their businesses rise above the competition.

1. Get involved in your community. Stand out as more than just another service provider/vendor. People like buying products and services from businesses that give back. Throwing a strategic portrait party, or creating a calendar are two example projects where you can tie in an organization/charity to give back to.

2. Own your own zip code:
 Pound the pavement and knock on doors. There are companies that can complement yours. Reach out. Host a networking luncheon with other businesses (caterers, wedding planners) and get to know them.

3. Having a consistent, helpful website and blog: Your blog is about what's in your heart, and your website is about what you sell. They both can be a form of educating your ideal audience. Also, be aware of who your target audience is. For example, if you are in the portrait social category, many times your audience will be women.

4. Keeping in touch in throughout the year: Email newsletters and cards. Use your own images. Unmarketing, by Scott Straten, is a great read on really engaging your audience.

5. Use video to build your brand: Video can be a powerful marketing tool for potential clients to get to know you. I've started using video footage from my shoots. I have my assistant do it. You want to keep in mind your target audience for these videos, right? Your clients and potential clients. So it's not a technical video teaching about the correct exposure and composition, but rather we focus on people having a great time during their session. It's more of an emotional connection that you are trying to build.

Are there any ways you make your photography business stand out that we didn't mention? Tell us in the comments for this podcast, or send us an email. Have suggestions on future topics you want us to cover? Email Us:

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