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This week we catch up with professional photographer Tim Wallace to learn about lighting and the photo business.  We then sit down with Brad Malcolm from Perfectly Clear to talk about lies that cameras tell (and what you can do about it).

Tim Wallace

Photographer Tim Wallace is the driving force and creative thinking behind Ambient Life. An award winning photographer his work is often described as both conceptual and dramatic. Tim works internationally with many high end brands and clients such as Aston Martin, Land Rover Jaguar and Morgan in the UK to Kenwood and Audi in the US.

He is the humble recipient of many awards including International Advertising Photographer of the Year 2010, UK Motor Industry Photographer of the Year 2010, Hasselblad Photographer of the month Oct 2010, Professional Photographer of the Year 2009 as well as receiving Distinction Awards for his work from such professional boards as the RPS.

You can find Tim's portfolio here or follow him on Twitter.

  • What Tim teaches in his classes
  • His philosophy about teaching
  • What is lighting?
  • Advice and thoughts on your business
  • What is success?
  • You’ve got to value what you do
  • Hope isn’t good enough, you have to have a plan
  • Risk and revenue
  • Knowing how to ask the right questions
  • Where can you find out more about Tim

Brad Malcolm of Perfectly Clear

At Perfectly Clear, their higher purpose is to preserve precious memories perfectly. Their method is to use science to uncover, discover and recover all of the vital information contained in digital images and to display it without distortion. 

Rich and Brad discuss:

  • What does Perfectly Clear software do any why?
  • Approaching the time saving aspect on Perfectly Clear
  • Prints and the negative side of pushing colors
  • How did perfectly clear perfect issues such as noise?
  • Why is there a need for a desktop version?
  • How does the mobile app work in comparison with the desktop/plug in version?
  • How to work with the distortion of lenses?
  • The power behind Athentech science?
  • What other technical aspects of the software is helpful?
  • Where to find Perfectly Clear?



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This week we catch up with inspirational photographer Frank Doorhof to understand what it takes to make a great photo.  Frank shares some funny stories and practical advice.  We then sit down with Josh Peterson from HP to talk about innovations in computing that affect all folks (Mac and PC).

Frank Doorhof

The Amsterdam-born Frank Doorhof is a noted international fashion and glamour photographer, as well as an expert on calibration. He is an active commercial photographer, with a particular interest in musical artists and high fashion, who also takes time for personal projects. His teaching style is based on his philosophy: “Why fake it, when you can create it?”

Photofocus catches up with international fashion photographer Frank Doorhof about his work and methods (which apply to all photographers).Vanelli and Frank discuss:

  • Taking control of the light
  • Think about stories with the light and model and production
  • Describing Frank's teaching style
  • How to choose your camera
  • Learning to read a sports game to get better
  • Discussion on the quality of professional photography
  • Looking at Vogue advertising to be inspired
  • Where can you find Frank?

Josh Peterson of HP

Josh is the worldwide director of Desktop and Mobile Workstations at HP.  He is in charge of the teams that manage and build HP's line of computers for professional users (including photographers and video pros).  He is also an amateur photographer and enjoys flying his quadcopter to capture great footage.

Rich and Josh discuss:

  • What does hardware accelerated mean?
  • What kind of computer does a photographer need?
  • What is the transition in computer needs happening right now?
  • What’s the difference be pro graphics card and a consumer gaming card?
  • Tech details a photographer needs to know when buying a computer?
  • What should you spend more money on when building a computer?
  • Why consider having a desktop computer and not just use a laptop?
  • The trend moving from AppleHow HP works and checks with Adobe
  • What if you are more familiar with Mac keyboard?
  • How are workstations different from regular computers
  • Where can you go to find recommendations when configuring a computer



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This week we catch up with two women making an impact on the photo industry.  First we hear from photographer and digital artist Renee Robyn about her work and techniques.  Then we catch up with new Photofocus contributor Chamira Young for a discussion on fine art photography, business, and developing your own style.

Renee Robyn

Renee's style is an ethereal combination of fact and fiction, merging together expertly shot photographs of unique and interesting subjects with hours of meticulous retouching in Photoshop to create easily recognizable imagery that is both stunning and distinctively her own. She currently teaches workshops around the world.

Pamela Berry and Renee catch up about:

    • Quick background of who Renee is
    • How the SmugMug Movie has affected her in growing as an artist and the response towards it?
    • How a collaboration with friends created the Star Wars Sith picture?
    • What inspires her & keeps her growing as an artist?
    • Advice on learning retouching
    • Advice on booking yourself to grow as an artist.
    • Gear go-to’s
    • What’s on the horizon?
    • Where can we find Renee?

Chamira Young

Chamira will readily admit it: she’s an art nerd, Photoshop geek, and photographer with an obsession for productivity and creativity. Through online teaching and podcasting, she loves helping other creative minds become more successful by empowering them with the knowledge and inspiration to up their game.


  • Who is Chamira and what is her focus?
  • How did she really get into photography?
  • What camera does she shoot on?
  • Discussion on Fine Art Photography
  • Tips on finding your own style of photography
  • Tips of finding your business side
  • What Chamira is currently doing in learning and teaching?
  • Where can we find Chamira?


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