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Photofocus Podcast

Jun 25, 2013

Join Rich and special guest Lightroom expert Gerard Murphy. Gerard has had a passion for photography since borrowing his Mom’s Pentax while on family vacations. Later, Gerard was lucky enough to travel the world on business trips where between conference rooms and hotels, he was able to snap thousands of pictures...

Jun 15, 2013

Join Rich and Scott as they discuss the impact of small format cameras.  Learn how micro four-thirds and mirrorless cameras have changed both their shooting styles.  Plus how have the GoPro and BlackMagic Cinema cameras worked their way into their cameras bags.

The second half of the show will inspire you as we...

Jun 5, 2013

Join Rich and Scott as they discuss the recent decision by the Chicago Sun Times to lay off their entire photography staff.  The decision was made to train their reporting staff to shoot with iPhones and to focus more on video.  Rich and Scott analyze what this means to the photo community.

The second half of the show...