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Photofocus Podcast

Dec 6, 2016

Scott Bourne and Richard Harrington answer viewers photography questions.

Q&A Podcast Questions

#1 From David Keneipp Manhattan Beach CA

Question about exposing to the right. I still use my Nikon DSLR for some things, but I've lately been shooting more with my Fuji X-E2 because of the film simulations that can look great right out of the camera. I often shoot JPEG+RAW in case I need some bigger adjustments in post. I know shooting to the right (i.e., overexposing) will give me more data, but doesn't that defeat the goal of trying to get the JPEG to look right without additional processing? Maybe I'm comparing apples and oranges here. I hope you can get me sorted out.

#2 From Kevin Miller Las Vegas

My son and I want to have a short photo outing and are planning to go to Page Arizona toward the end of February. We will probably be there two days. I remember you have talked about photographing the slot canyons there. Can you give us some advice as first time visitors to that area?

#3 From Stephen in the Philippines

I'm writing about Graduated ND Filters. Due to the advent of HDR, Bracketing Techniques, the “Digital Graduated filter" in Adobe LR and the overall power of the RAW file, do we still need Graduated ND filters when photographing landscapes?

#4 From Robbie in San Francisco

This is for Scott. How fast does the shutter speed need to be to guarantee sharp birds in flight. Do you shoot in SHUTTER PRIORITY mode to guarantee the shutter speed you want when shooting BIF?

#5 From Bruce in Brigham City, UT

I like the old-fashioned vignette effect that portrait artists used on almost every portrait in the 50s and 60s. But is this too old fashioned to use today? I noticed Lightroom has a preset for this.

#6 From Duke in Melbourne, FL

I use Macs along with Photoshop & Lightroom but am thinking of switching to Windows 10 because I am not happy with Apple’s new direction. The question I have is how painful would that switch be? I subscribe to CC. Can I just add that to a new Windows machine and if so how do I delete it from my Mac before I sell it on Ebay?

#7 From Kendra in Chicago, IL

This is probably the stupidest question ever but I don’t know who to ask but you guys. If I change my camera’s diopter does that change how the camera focuses by a corresponding amount?

#8 From Sophia in Redding, CA

When I look at my images in Lightroom and Photoshop they seem to be very noisy even if I shoot at (what I consider to be) very low ISOs. Am I doing something wrong?

#9 From Bob in Houston, TX

How do you decide what to include in a photo and what to leave out - more to the point - how do you know what is distracting in a scene?

#10 From Sam in Ft. Worth, TX

Talking about composition - in your opinion, what is more interesting in a photo - patterns or breaks in patterns?

#11 Oleg in Sydney, Australia

I am interested in portraiture but am confused about the difference between standard portraiture and “environmental” portraiture. Can you explain the difference?

#12 From Ross in Weed, CA

I live in the mountains and I find it hard to express the scale of the mountains I photograph. They seem so big in some of my friend’s photos but rather normal in mine. Is it a matter of lens choice/perspective?