Photofocus Podcast

Host Rich Harrington and Scott Bourne catchup tackle new gear from a photog's perspective.

  • Why would a photographer want the new iPad?
  • What makes a 13-inch MacBook Pro a good or bad deal?
  • The new iMac is a photographer dream machine.
  • New Ring Lites from Rosco
  • A useful streaming media server for portfolio review and personal media from G-Tech

Hosted by Rich Harrington & Scott Bourne

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Host Rich Harrington and Scott Bourne catchup, then are joined by special guest RC Concepcion.

  • Flash, do you need more than one?
  • Other useful lighting gear.
  • D600 First Thoughts
  • Book review — "Shooter: Combat from Behind the Camera" by Stacy Pearsall
  • iPhone 5 Panoramic Photos and camera issues

Then we head back to Photoshop World to catch up with photographer and educator RC Concepcion.

  • HDR rising again
  • DSLR video gets easier
  • Putting photography on the web
  • Look's that are now hot
  • Creating a Home for Your Photography
  • Getting Inspired 

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Host Rich Harrington has two guests on this week's show

First we talk to photographer and photo educator Jan Kabili.

  • How she switched from being a lawyer to fine art photography
  • What's new in Photoshop Elements 11
  • Strategies for organizing a photo library
  • How to choose between Elements, Lightroom. and Photoshop

Then we head back to Photoshop World to catch up with wedding photographer and educator David Ziser.

  • The challenging market of wedding photography
  • How do price yourself to make a living
  • Avoiding sticker shock with your clients
  • How to market yourself to new clients
  • Forging a relationship with your clients through social media
  • How he went from engineering to photography – 'Dad, I have a real job'
  • Choosing what to sell, including digital copies
  • Taking the leap from amateur to pro
Sorry we're no longer providing show notes.

Hosted by Rich Harrington 

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