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This episode's topic: The Art of the Headshot: Skip Cohen and Chamira Young chat with Headshot Photographer Peter Hurley

  • The client experience is hugely important.
  • Communication during the session is the key
  • People skills and giving direction are key factors in making a great headshot
  • The art of fun conversation is helpful during a session
  • Confidence can be learned
  • The concept of capturing "residual laughter"
  • The concept of "camera invisibility"
  • "Hurleyisms" app for one-liners to use during photo sessions -
  • - Peter's coaching site
  • - to get more info on Peter's photography workshops


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Ron Pepper & new co-host Levi Sim start the show off by thanking Scott for paving the way. Then they dive into buying cars and what to consider as a photographer. In addition they get into some long exposure issues you may come across.

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