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Scott and Marco discuss these new products and mirrorless topics on this episode of the Photofocus #Mirrorless Show :

  • This show starts with a discussion about the announced sales price of the Olympus OM-D EM1 II, which will be $-US 2000. Is this price fair for a top of the line m4/3 mirrorless camera?  Price and information on the camera can be found on the Olympus official website here:
  • Olympus has also announced their Pro service in the US. For US-$ 100 photographers of Olympus pro gear and cameras get express service on repairs, complementary equipment loan for extended repair times, priority phone support and a warranty extension. You can read about the program and exact terms on the Olympus website here:
  • Leica has also announced a limited version of their "sharpest standard lens in the world". The Leica APO-SUMMICRON-M 50 mm f/2 ASPH lens is now available in a red anodized version. It is a limited offering planned only for 100 copies of this lens. The regular black or silver version is around US-$8000. The limited red version will be around US-$9.000. You can find out more about this lens and other limited collectors gear from Leica on their M special editions website here:
  • Adobe has just announced a new tether plugin for the Fujifilm X-T2 camera. Fujifilm X-T2 owners will soon be able to shoot tethered to Adobe Lightroom using a new plug-in that will be sold for US-$ 79 through the Adobe Add-ons websiteThe plugin allows X-T2 photographers to tether their camera via USB and preview the image in live view and control the camera settings. The captured images are then imported directly into LightRoom. Here is the news release from Fuji regarding this tether plugin: Unfortunately, this plugin will not work on Fujis other Pro camera, the X-Pro 2.
  • DJI has just announced the new Phantom 4 PRO drone. The drone comes with an updated 20 MP sensor, mechanical shutter and “almost” 12 stops of dynamic range camera. On the video side, the new camera is capable to shoot a 4K/60P video with H.265 video compression. The drone can fly up to 45mph maximum speed and has up to 30 min flight time and FlightAutonomy that will also avoid uneven ground or water when landing. The drone retails for US-$ 1500 and you can find out more about this drone on the DJI website here:
  • The Belgian manufacturer CMOSIS (they make some of the sensors for Leica) has announced a new 48MP sensor with global shutter. The sensor is a bit larger than a 35mm full-frame sensor because it is not 3:2 but 4:3 aspect ratio. The new sensor is also designed to record 8K video at a rate of 30fps. The sensor can increase the dynamic range of its output by recording alternate row of pixels at different exposures. The pixels are recorded at one time instead of sequential rows. This technology can be a game changer once it trickles down to more consumer grade cameras. You can find out more about this sensor on CMOSIS's website here:
  • We have a Photofocus Mirrorless Flickr group that is open to our listeners and photos taken with all mirrorless camera brands. If you want to join just let us know through the "request invitation" button on the group and drop us a quick line there. We'll add you to the group then. And please ask for the invite via the web browser and not via the Flickr App. The invite process via the app has not been working reliably.
  • We have picked our monthly featured photographer and image from our Photofocus Mirrorless group.Our monthly Photofocus Mirrorless feature photo and photographer of the month is: Paul Henni with his image titled "Shadowy"

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About this show:

On the monthly #Mirrorless episode of the Photofocus podcast, Scott and Marco will discuss the news from the mirrorless camera world related to innovations, trends, gear and accessories. And they will introduce mirrorless camera manufacturers by interviewing the respective managers of those manufacturers. And they invite pro photographers who make their living working with mirrorless cameras to share some tips and tricks on their workflow.

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The PhotoFocus InFocus Interview Show FOR NOV 21ST, 2016. I’m your Host Rod Harlan.

This month we have a bit of a BRITISH INVASION with 2 Inspiring Interviews with well-known movers and shakers in the Photographic industry from the United Kingdom.

We’ll start with Robert Vanelli interviewing Tim Wallace about the business of Photography including the licensing of your images and the importance of building a relationship with each client.

Then we’ll finish with Levi Sim interviewing Dave Clayton about being a graphic designer and desktop publisher, the story of how he got involved with Scott Kelby and PhotoshopWorld, and about photographers adding a new tool like InDesign to their tool belt to add income to their bottom line.

Scott and Marco discuss these topics on this #Inspiration episode of the Photofocus podcast:
  • Get to know an inspirational photographer: This month Marco introduces you to Lewis Hine (1874 - 1940). Hine was an American sociologist, teacher and photographer. In 1908 he left his teaching position to become the photographer for the National Child Labor Committee (NCLC) and documented child labor to aid the NCLC's lobbying efforts to end child labor. Take a look at some of the images that he took during that time here: Hine and his moving photos certainly played a big role in bringing public awareness to this issue and helped to end this practice. Unfortunately he never really received the recognition for his work that he deserved while he was alive.
  • Scott and Marco discuss the Gulf Photo Plus event in Berlin and Seattle that they have attended and talk about the Gulf Photo Plus organization ( ) and their great efforts for teaching and inspiring the photography world.
  • Zack Arias shared a 90 years old photography quote by Edward Weston, that is amazingly current today.
  • Scott and Marco talk about how Joe McNally sets up a photo shoot and share some of his photography related stories.
  • Marco shares his thoughts on shooting portraits with wide angle lenses instead of classic portrait focal length.
  • Next, they talk about the amazing work of Gregory Heisler and how simple some of his concepts are that produce amazing work. Take some inspiration for future photo projects from some of Gregory's approaches.
  • Scott's photo book of the month pick is: Avedon at Work - In the American West ( ). Richard Avedon was best known for his portraits of famous people. But he set out in 1979 to start to photograph ordinary people of the American West. The book that resulted from this project was a milestone in American photography and probably Avedon's most important body of work. As the original book can only be found as a high-priced collector item, Scott picked the book about making that book.

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For more information on Scott Bourne follow him on Twitter: @ScottBourne

For more information on Marco Larousse follow him on Twitter: @HamburgCam

About this show:

On the monthly #Inspiration episode of the Photofocus podcast, Scott and Marco will discuss the art, history and motivation in photography that often gets lost in today's media rich world. Slow down, look closer and put more intent into photography to increase your creativity and final results. And simply spread the pure love of photography.


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Ron Pepper and Scott Bourne discuss panoramic photography, the new Ricoh Theta SC 360 degree camera, and the use of various lenses for this style of photography.

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Scott Bourne and Frederick Van Johnson answer viewers photography questions.

Q&A Podcast Questions

1. From James in Sacramento, CA

I want to buy a new camera because I want to start making professional photographs. But I noticed several of the portfolio shots posted by Photofocus authors are made with older cameras. Is it possible a five year old DSLR is good enough for “pro” work?

2. From Patti in San Diego, CA

Which is more important in acquiring autofocus? The body or the lens or both?

3. From Arnold in Boston, MA

I have a paid assignment (my first) involving travel photography to another country. I need a guide or a helper who knows the language and customs of the area to help me get the coverage I need of the area. Any idea on how to find one?

4. From Tommy in Lancaster, PA

When I look at my images on the back of my DSLR on the LCD am I seeing a JPEG or the RAW file?

5. From Annie in Prescott, AZ

I have to make photographs of my son’s fourth grade class. Do I need to worry about re-touching such portraits?

6. From Henry in Paris, France

Why do photographers who shoot video always use ND filters?

7. From Willy in Toronto, Ontario

What do you say to models in order to relax them? Some of the people I photograph are so uptight when I make their portrait that it ruins the picture and I need some advice on how to calm them down.

8. From Chris in Oklahoma City, OK

I use a calibration tool on my Mac monitor. Do I need to mess with this on my iPhone and iPad too?

9. From Kevin in Santa Fe, NM

I know you’ve covered this before but with all the changes in Photoshop (now Creative Cloud) can you recommend that photographers start out with Lightroom and then decide if they need Photoshop or just bite the bullet and get both?

10. From Ken in Atlanta, GA

I hear that on M43 cameras, your depth-of-field is doubled meaning f/2 is really f/4. Does that impact how much light hits the sensor?

11. From Larry in Kokomo, IN

Regardless of what cameras/lenses you’re using now, if you had to start all over and had all the budget you wanted, what camera system would you buy and why?

12. From Al in Garden City, New York

This is for Scott: I've listened to you for many years and have learned so much from you. I have often wondered but never heard from you directly on how and when you decided to concentrate on bird photography. What is it about the subject of birds that made you devote so much of your time and energy towards them?

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In this renewed, reinvigorated episode of The Mind Your Own Business Podcast, Scott Bourne and Skip Cohen discuss effectively showing your work -- both online and in print -- which is one of the basic ways you can get paid as a professional photographer.

Specific topics of discussion include the following:

  • Your gallery is one of your most valuable pieces of real estate on your website. Make it easy for people to find.
  • Your business card is your first opportunity to show your work.
  • 6x9 inch postcards with 2-3 of your best photos on it are a wonderful leave-behind tool and mailer piece.
  • Very practical strategies to approach local businesses in your area to generate business. Go to where your target audience is.
  • Only show your BEST of the best of your work. It should be your most impressive, "wow" work.
  • Use your own images on your own holiday card as a marketing tool.
  • The concept of pop-up galleries to display your work.
  • You never know what opportunities will arise if you are relentless at showing your very best work.
  • Using your phone to show your images is not enough.
  • Adobe Portfolio is a powerful, simple way to display your images.
  • On your website, make your images take top priority, and provide a way for people to get in touch with you.
  • Your images have to be outstanding. It's not about quantity, but quality.
  • Show work you can reproduce, not just the "lucky shots"


Please share this podcast with your friends and subscribe via iTunes. We'd also love to get your feedback. Is there anything that you want us to cover on the show in the future?

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