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This week's podcast features a triple dose of photo knowledge. First up, Melissa Niu catches up with portrait photographer Tamara Lackey.  The Rich Harrington and Ron Pepper discuss panoramic photography workflows.  Then we jump back to Melissa as she interviews Jerry Ghionis for his take on shooting portraits and where the photo industry is headed.

Tamara Lackey

Tamara Lackey is a professional photographer, speaker, and author. She focusses on lifestyle photography, from children’s portraits to celebrity portraits. Tamara’s work has been featured in dozens of media outlets, including Parenting Magazine, O – The Oprah Magazine, Town & Country, Vogue, Food & Wine, Men’s Journal, Nikon World, Professional Photographer Magazine, Rangefinder Magazine, Photoshop User Magazine, NBC’s The Martha Stewart Show, ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, PBS’ Need to Know and NBC’s The Today Show.

What Tamara has coming up

What it’s like at Photoshop World

Why should you go to photography conferences?

Why community matters?

Tip on working with children

Where to find more information?

Ron Pepper

Ron Pepper is the primary of PanoramaNETWORK. We explore his work with panoramic photography and architectural photography. PanoramaNETWORK was founded in 2003 in Madrid, Spain. His photography consists of modern, 360 degree by 180 degree panoramic photography showing any location in a realistic immersive way, from ceiling to floor!.

What brought Ron into Panoramic Photography?

How panoramic photography has changed over the years

What 360 photography is being used for?

What skills can Landscape and Interior photographers learn to make more panoramic images?

Tips on shooting panoramic images

Tools for postproduction

Working with dynamic range issues

Time spent on editing

Information about his upcoming workshop with Rich

Where to learn more about Ron, HDR, & panoramic photography?

Jerry Ghionis

As one of the few modern masters of wedding photography not proficient in Photoshop, Jerry Ghionis has learned to create stunning images in camera. Known as the “MacGyver” of photography, Jerry has the innate ability to turn ordinary situations into extraordinary images using any light source and ordinary objects around him. A United States Nikon Ambassador, Jerry was named in the first ever list of Top Ten Wedding Photographers in the World by American Photo magazine. In 2011 Jerry was named by PDN magazine as one of the top photography workshop instructors in the world.

Where is the wedding industry headed?

Challenges to grow as a wedding photographer

Talking to people face to face

Acting like you are a business

Advice to people starting out

How to have a long and successful career

What is Jerry working on

Where to find Jerry online?

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This week's podcast features two photographer's who are well-respected in their field.  First up Rich Harrington catches up with landscape and aviation photographer Moose Peterson.  Then Melissa Niu interviews Canon Explorer of Light, Eddie Tapp.

Moose Peterson

Moose’s true passion is wildlife photography and he considers himself incredibly fortunate to be amongst North Americas critters and bring back their story with his camera. Along the way Moose has been fortunate to be recognized for his passion. One of the original Nikon shooters to receive the D1 in 1999, Moose embraced this new technology becoming the only wildlife photographer in the world to shoot strictly digital in the early years. While a beta site for all the major hardware and software manufacturers, Moose continues his main goal of photographing the life history of North America’s endangered wildlife and wildplaces. Being a creative innovator of new techniques both behind the camera and the computer is the driving force behind his photography and goals.

  • What is Moose’s speciality?
  • What led Moose to his photography interests?
  • Aviation photography tips
  • Moose’s schedule at Photoshop World
  • Tips on when to shoot
  • Tips on getting access to locations
  • Why you need to get it right in the camera
  • Where to find Moose?

Eddie Tapp

A gifted photographer and artist, Eddie Tapp has become a tireless educator for professional photographers and a prominent figure in the world of digital imaging. His digital imaging seminars have been hosted around the world, and he’s a regular consultant to businesses large and small. Today, he’s recognized as one of the top experts on digital photography and Photoshop in the world. With a reputation as an authority on workflow, color management, calibration and Photoshop, he is associated with Adobe Systems along with some of the world’s most prominent photographic manufacturers and distributors.

  • What is Eddie up to right now?
  • What is it that Eddie LOVES about photography?
  • What does Creative Cloud mean to Eddie?
  • Discussion about marketing
  • Using Social Media effectively
  • Comparing your work to others
  • Gear talk
  • Post Processing a dice and approach
  • Advice for up and coming photographers
  • Where can you find Eddie?

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This week's podcast features three great folks from the photo industry. First up Rich Harrington catches up with one of the best image makers on the planet, Joe McNally. Melissa Niu then catches up with photographer and Adobe expert Terry White.  You'll then learn all about ViewBug, a great site for entering photo contests and winning prizes.

Joe McNally

Joe McNally is an internationally acclaimed photographer whose career has spanned 30 years and included assignments in over 50 countries. He has shot cover stories for TIME, Newsweek, Fortune, New York, Entertainment Weekly, The New York Times Sunday Magazine, and Men's Journal. He has been at various times in his career a contract photographer for Sports Illustrated, a staff photographer at LIFE, and currently, an ongoing 23 year contributor to the National Geographic, shooting numerous cover stories for those publications.

Learn about:

  • Joe's workflow and recent changes
  • Why he's back to experimenting with film
  • Joe's thoughts on how Film and digital can co-exist
  • What he's been up to with small flashes.
  • What Joe's teaching at Photoshop World
  • What you can do with a flash
  • What features do users overlook on a flash
  • Why you should sometimes "think within the box"
  • The challenges of traveling with gear
  • When to use multiple lights (plus tech tips for multiple flashes)
  • How to shape the light
  • The impotence of gaining confidence to improvise with using different light set-ups
  • Parting advice

Terry White

Terry White – Worldwide Design Evangelist for Adobe Systems, Inc. In his job, he leads the charge of getting customers excited and educated about  Adobe Creative Cloud products and services. Terry is an Adobe Certified Expert. He has been active in the industry for over 25 years and is the founder and president of MacGroup-Detroit.

Discover :

  • What does Terry do?
  • What is Terry’s photography style
  • Marketing talk and building a following
  • How important is gear?
  • Inspiration can come from anywhere
  • What kind of lighting does Terry use and why
  • Camera and lens advice
  • How does Terry approach post-processing
  • His best piece of advice
  • Where to find Terry

Ori Guttin & ViewBug

From time to time we tell you about some of our great partners.  Since we're getting ready to launch our biggest photo contest ever, we decided to bring you up to speed on ViewBug. Learn all about this cool photo community and photo contest site.

Learn about

  • What is ViewBug?
  • Type of contests View Bug runs
  • What can you win?
  • Rules of the contests
  • Why everyone has a chance to win
  • The benefits of joining ViewBug
  • Why contests aren’t just about winning
  • What are Ori’s favorite styles of photography?
  • How to keep your rights to your own photos
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