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Join Rich and Scott as they discuss the "Reset Concept."  Learn how to deal with a shoot with everything seems to be going wrong.  Learn how to mentally reset as well as how to reset your gear so you can make a fresh start.

The second half of the show will inspire you as we hear from Katrin Eismann.  She is a well-respected author, educator, and photographer.  She is also the Chair of the Digital Photography Department at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Katrin is recognized as a positive role model for young women who are seeking insights and opportunities in the field of digital technology and fine art.

Rich and Katrine discuss

  • How philosophy and politics led Katrin into photography
  • Preserving your legacy and images
  • Katrin expresses her point of view and imagination in collages 
  • Ethics in photography in regards to compositing, journalists, & social media
  • How social media is affecting the future of photo journalists
  • Is there too much photography
  • Is there still a role for photo education in a whole of iPhone photography and social media
  • Advice about not getting lost in lens, gear and tech talk as a photographer
  • Katrin's favorite iPhone apps: Camera plus, Pure Shot, Slow Shutter, Bracket Mode, Snapseed
  • Why should someone consider enrolling in traditional education
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