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This weeks Photofocus Podcast for the Photofocus InFocus Interview Series. This show Pamela sits down with Brad Moore, former assistant to both Scott Kelby and Joe McNally we we dive into his growth and advice to other photographers trying to navigate the road of building a career. Then we tap into Chamira Young who speaks with on how we as photographers can improve how we present ourselves online to our clients and potential clients.

Pamela Berry/ Brad Moore

What brought Brad into photography?
How he became assistant to Joe McNally and Scott Kelby?
Learning from mistakes
Travel tips
How being an assistant is so valuable to growing your career?
Should you attend conferences?
Being genuine when you network
Put what you’ve learned to use
Advice about being a photographer and learning other aspects of the craft
Gear & Gadget talk
What inspired getting into Concert photography?
Tethered workflow on portraits

Chamira Young/ Chantel Corrin from

Presenting yourself as a photographer
Importance of looking your best online
Advice on overall design tips for your website
Tips on how to best share photos with clients
Tips on making in-person sales easier
Keeping in touch with clients after a shoot
What is and where to find them?

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