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In this episode of the InFocus Interview Show, our guests discuss HDR photography, how they use Photomatix Pro in their workflow, and more!

We have four great interviews in today's episode. They are as follows:

1. Chamira interviews Bob Lussier. In their discussion, they chat about:

  • How Bob uses his HDR to document abandoned textile spaces and equipment
  • How he captures the essences of the buildings he shoots
  • How he uses Photomatix in his workflow.
  • The evolution of HDR.

2. Chamira interviews Colin Smith. In their discussion, they chat about:

  • Colin's early exploration into HDR via 3D work.
  • His early illustrative HDR style, and its evolution into a cleaner, more natural style
  • How he's using HDR with his aerial photography
  • How he uses Photomatix in his workflow for his bracketed shots
  • The process of finding your own style
  • Incorporating a sense of mystery in our image

3. Levi interviews Matt Kloskowki. In their discussion, they chat about:

  • The importance of making a good photo
  • How composition plays a role
  • How far we choose to push HDR style
  • How creativity and artistry play a role in making pictures.

4. Levi interviews Richard Harrington. In their discussion, they chat about:

  • HDR as it applies to black and white photography
  • HDR as it applies to panoramic photography
  • Hand-held HDR vs shooting off of a tripod
  • Time-lapse photography and batch processing

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