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The Photofocus InFocus Interview Show for June 2, 2017. I’m your host, Vanelli.

On today's show we have internationally respected lecturer and teacher Katrin Eismann, Wildlife and Aviation Photographer, Jake Peterson and bird photographer Clay Taylor of Swarovski Optics.

Katrin Eismann interviewed by Vanelli.

  • The philosophy of photography as it relates to amateurs and professionals.

Jake Peterson interviewed by Chamira Young

  • Developing Patiences to get the shot
  • Tips on starting out in Wildlife photography
  • How to get paid for Wildlife photos

Clay Taylor interviewed by Levi Sim

  • The history of SWAROVSKI OPTIK and how it relates to photographers
  • EL Binoculars
  • Popularity of Birding
  • Connecting digital cameras to spotting scopes

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Until next time, this is Vanelli encouraging you to get out there and Be Creative!
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In this episode, we chat with celebrity fashion and beauty photographer Matthew Jordan Smith about:

  • How making connections brings lifelong clients
  • The importance of relationship building
  • Doing your homework and preparing prior to the photo shoot
  • Doing your research and knowing your client
  • The convergence of various hard and soft skills
  • The importance of being versatile
  • The importance of having personal/special projects
  • “You've got to shoot to feed your soul.”
  • The role of continuously educating yourself as a photographer
  • Matthew Jordan Smith on Instagram 


  • Check out Matthew's upcoming live workshops HERE.

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