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Photofocus Podcast

Nov 15, 2015

This week we catch up with inspirational photographer Frank Doorhof to understand what it takes to make a great photo.  Frank shares some funny stories and practical advice.  We then sit down with Josh Peterson from HP to talk about innovations in computing that affect all folks (Mac and PC).

Frank Doorhof

The Amsterdam-born Frank Doorhof is a noted international fashion and glamour photographer, as well as an expert on calibration. He is an active commercial photographer, with a particular interest in musical artists and high fashion, who also takes time for personal projects. His teaching style is based on his philosophy: “Why fake it, when you can create it?”

Photofocus catches up with international fashion photographer Frank Doorhof about his work and methods (which apply to all photographers).Vanelli and Frank discuss:

  • Taking control of the light
  • Think about stories with the light and model and production
  • Describing Frank's teaching style
  • How to choose your camera
  • Learning to read a sports game to get better
  • Discussion on the quality of professional photography
  • Looking at Vogue advertising to be inspired
  • Where can you find Frank?

Josh Peterson of HP

Josh is the worldwide director of Desktop and Mobile Workstations at HP.  He is in charge of the teams that manage and build HP's line of computers for professional users (including photographers and video pros).  He is also an amateur photographer and enjoys flying his quadcopter to capture great footage.

Rich and Josh discuss:

  • What does hardware accelerated mean?
  • What kind of computer does a photographer need?
  • What is the transition in computer needs happening right now?
  • What’s the difference be pro graphics card and a consumer gaming card?
  • Tech details a photographer needs to know when buying a computer?
  • What should you spend more money on when building a computer?
  • Why consider having a desktop computer and not just use a laptop?
  • The trend moving from AppleHow HP works and checks with Adobe
  • What if you are more familiar with Mac keyboard?
  • How are workstations different from regular computers
  • Where can you go to find recommendations when configuring a computer