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Photofocus Podcast

Sep 5, 2013

Rich Harrington has two great guests on the show this week.

First up, a return from Panoramic, Landscape, and HDR guru Ron Pepper.  We explore myths about HDR, killer techniques, and advanced controls.  No matter what your style of shooting or subject matter, you'll learn a ton.

You'll learn:

  • A complete understanding of exposure
  • Bracketing tips for capturing any scene
  • How to master exposure
  • Shooting HDR handheld
  • How to remove Ghosting objects and deal with moving subjects
  • How to work within the limitations of your camera
  • How many shots to take for  the best HDR
  • Using Photomatix and Photoshop for HDR

You'll also meet the new editor of Photofocus, Melissa Niu.  She's got a true passion for showcasing the best folks in the photo industry.  You'll hear Melissa on future shows and see her work on the website.

Disclaimer: This show presents several ideas and techniques that we hope help you.  These are just some ways of approaching the issues at hand.  Combine with your own skill for best results.

Hosted by Rich Harrington

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