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Photofocus Podcast

Jan 11, 2017

BEST OF SHOW! This is a replay from July 11, 2016. New episode next month.

In this episode of The Problem Solving show, Scott Bourne and Pepper discuss the problems photographers face. They then offer solutions to help solve these problems.

In today's episode, they discuss the importance of having the right tool for the job.

Specific topics of discussion include the following:

-The concept of being "polycamerous"

-Working with various camera systems

-Taking 360 panoramas with the Ricoh Theta

-The lightweight, high quality Lumix cameras

-Fuji cameras as a "serious compact" system

-The ways that Canon and Nikon are upping their game

-Choosing the camera that's the best solution for the given situation you are in

-Taking into account the weight of your camera body and lens

-Feeling free to add gear to your list without feeling like you're "cheating" on your camera brand

-Switching to a less professional-looking camera in order to better blend into your surroundings

-Sometimes the smaller camera is the better camera for particular jobs

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