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Photofocus Podcast

Jan 7, 2017

The Q & A Show | Photofocus Podcast January 7th, 2017

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Scott Bourne answers viewers photography questions.

Q&A Podcast Questions

#1 From Grae in Reedley, CA

What tricks, or otherwise do you have for shooting in low and mixed outdoor lighting? Specifically in the area of photographing active fires (think firemen, not camping.) On the side I shoot active scenes with local fire departments and am looking to improve night scenes.

#2 From Jeremy in Grass Valley, OR

How does crop factor affect a lens? Would an 8.5mm lens on a 10x crop factor sensor give you the nice pleasing look of an 85mm lens (pretending that the glass quality were the same for both)? I've always thought that it was the compression/distortion that made a lens good/bad for portraits and I would think that a wider lens--even on a crop factor camera--would still lack the compression of a longer traditional portrait lens.

#3 From Todd in Gary, IN

I am thinking of getting a compact camera for travel. Do they still make any point and shoot cameras and are they worth considering in an age of great smart phone cameras?

#4 From Amy in Lima, OH

I am thinking of getting an action camera like the GoPro. I noticed lots of companies are making these little cameras now. Is the GoPro still the king of the hill?

#5 From Abby in San Diego, CA

I’ve seen people use a flashlight in low light situations to paint an autofocus target on a dimly lit subject. Does this really help and if so how does it work?

#6 From Hanson in Miami, FL

I’d like to design some photo shoots where the pictures come out looking like the subjects were lit on a movie set. Do either of you know how they design and set up the lights to give that Hollywood effect to a scene?

#7 From George in Washington, D.C.

Is there any advantage to studying other forms of art such as painting or sculpture in order to improve photography? I am trying to develop a better eye and wondered if going cross discipline could help. Have you ever tried this or heard of anyone doing it?

#8 From Yuki in Tokyo, Japan

I am planning a trip to the USA to photograph national parks and monuments. Does your government allow people to make photographs on National Park land? Will I need to get a permit? Is it legal?

#9 From Alison in Walla Walla, WA

I want to start photographing head shots since I will be moving to New York to work with the theater community. Are there any tips or tricks to shooting a good head shot you can share?

#10 From Dick in Elgin, ILL

What is the advantage of setting your white balance in camera verses just adjusting it in post (assuming you shoot RAW?)

#11 From Henry in New Orleans, LA

This is for Scott - when you photograph birds in flight, do you shoot in aperture or shutter priority and why?

#12 From Lawrence in Boston, MA

I want to shoot with strobes. Do I still need a light meter or can I rely on the camera’s metering system assuming I am using TTL flash heads?